AcumenEdAssociation Acumen LLC, an accredited association management company, is fully vested in the concept of life-long learning. As one of its core beliefs, Acumen’s philosophy is that education leads to self-improvement and the skills and knowledge of its employees are critical to the continuing success of the organization.

Association Acumen holds a series of monthly professional development programs covering relevant association management topics that are excellent for cross-training of staff and for sharing new ideas across client associations. They can also help attendees prepare for certification exams. Guest speakers provide valuable insights and the latest information on insurance, contract law and other topics of interest. 2014 was branded as the year of technology with 2015’s sessions focused on accreditation and defining best practices. Topics for 2015 focused on a variety of issues relevant to the association management world, including hotel contract negotiations, financial management, internal controls, educational programs, chapter relations and sponsorships. In 2016, programs focused on the nine different domains of the Certified Association Executive (CAE) exam, which will continue to be the topic focus in 2017. The programs are either thirty minutes or sixty minutes in duration, offer expert advice and provide great resource materials for the attendee.

These AcumenEd programs are free and open to all association management professionals in the area. Please join us! For a complete schedule, click here. To sign up for any of these informative sessions, contact us at

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Click here to purchase ‘The Game’ for help in preparing for association management certification exams.

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