Acumen History

Founded in 2006 by Gail Bast, MBA, CAE, Association Acumen, an association management company, has been accredited and reaccredited by the prestigious Association Management Company Institute. Of the more than 500 plus association management companies, only 16% have been accredited. Accreditation signifies the use of best practices and the ability for an association management company to consistently deliver service excellence and Association Acumen is very proud of this special distinction.

9-09-08 Got Acumen

Association Acumen Throwback, 2008

In just ten fast years:

  • Acumen has managed eleven clients: National, international, state, medical and non-medical
  • Acumen has  double-tripled (or sextupled) our staff.
  • Acumen has guided client growth and explored new directions!
  • We’ve retained knowledgeable, professional staff. Momentum is created when a team of talented people work toward a common goal.
  • We are an accredited association management company (AMC) and have been accredited and re-accredited three times.

In 2014, Association Acumen moved to a larger suite of offices, nearly double the size of its previous Milwaukee location. The office area features two levels, with private offices, a library and large conference rooms suitable for board and committee meetings. Client growth and acquisition were the primary reasons behind the move.

In 2015, Association Acumen was named to the Future 50 company list by the Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerce (MMAC). The program recognizes companies in the Milwaukee area that have shown significant revenue and employment growth.

“Our association management company has seen consistent growth over the past nine years,” Gail Bast, Association Acumen’s Owner and CEO, said. “Our clients have grown and so have we. The expansion will provide them with better access to services, including our enlarged meeting area. The data shows that great office space helps attract quality employees and translates to employee retention. That will contribute to the continuity of our association management teams.”

Bast added, “We can now host board meetings, CEO/leader summits and strategic planning sessions that will strengthen our client partnerships. We want all of our boards to visit their new headquarters office and know they’ll be proud of what they see. We are still centrally located and close to business-friendly hotels. The contemporary décor and unique furnishings present an attractive, welcoming vibe and reflect our strong commitment to innovation and service excellence. One first floor wall is a dramatic floor to ceiling sculpture made up entirely of custom painted doors that really stimulates the environment.”

“Associations contribute greatly to their professions, industries, health care, the economy and society!  As an accredited AMC, we are committed to best practices and a continued investment in growth, strong technology systems, service excellence and innovation. We are proud to serve the association community for many years to come,” Bast said.

Let us help you grow your organization and guide its evolution. To request a proposal, click here. For more information about how to select an association management company, click here.

The Acumen Pledge: Your Trusted Partner. Guiding Organizational Evolution

Association Acumen strives to:

  • Advance our clients’ missions by providing exemplary association management services.
  • Employ the best practices and create best practices where none exist.
  • Bring the most creative, efficient, and effective solutions to our associations.
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