How many tricks can your pony do?

Pony kicking its heels up.

The world of association management is multi-faceted. At Association Acumen we take pride in cross-pollinating our teams to leverage experience, education and expertise. We know a one-trick pony is unlikely to maximize the potential of a member-driven organization. And so, we turn to those who are best suited to author blog posts – – the talented people that make up Association Acumen who enthusiastically juggle a variety of association management skills every day, be it governance, financials, marketing, public relations, membership, meeting planning, technology, electronic communications and websites.

Around here, we move nimbly from complexity to simplicity, and we are never bored. You could be drafting a financial reserves policy intended to guide an organization’s stability into the future one minute, and the next you might be alpha-sorting a member list for a time-sensitive mailing. We rely on know-how, board-staff synergy, strategic vision and data-driven association management decisions to enable us to move swiftly and make decisions that keep our organizations moving forward day in and day out.

Welcome to Association Acumen’s blog, where you’ll find a plethora of valuable association management insights. No matter if you are flying high at 10,000 feet or have your ear closer to the ground in the pony’s corral, you’re sure to find insights here that will make you kick up your heels~



Recent Posts

  • Using Your Strategic Plan to Drive Membership Growth

    For organizations with calendar-based membership cycles, renewal season is imminent. As association professionals, we have all heard and likely implemented the tried and true methods for optimizing your organization’s renewal/recruitment campaign: use target messaging, offer early renewal incentives, involve your board and committee members, show members a dollar amount for the ROI on their dues, just to name a few. While all these strategies are indeed effective, wouldn’t it be easier if each organization had its very own manual that shed light on the best way to generate renewals and new members? Continue reading →

  • Optimize Your Online Marketing Strategy

    Everyone is online and everyone looks for you online – so it’s important to ensure you are optimizing your web presence to make it easy to interact with your organization. Here are a few tips to help make sure you’re putting your best digital foot forward. Continue reading →

  • Member Engagement: The Key to Renewal

    For Web - WSAE Jan 2017Association Acumen recently hosted a Wisconsin Society of Association Executives (WSAE) Membership Brown Bag. It was a great opportunity to exchange onboarding ideas with other state, national and international organizations’ membership staff.

    One of the key takeaways Acumen staff shared was the importance of diversifying not only new member touchpoint methods but also the purpose behind each touchpoint. Diversifying the message helps ensure that each member has an easily actionable way to engage with the organization to mutual benefit. Continue reading →

  • Top Tech Trends at Association Acumen

    h1000Believe it or not, it’s not about technology. Our reason for being is still about connecting people and organizations to the opportunities, information and networks that they find valuable. Today, immediate access to information and services is an essential element of connecting people, and technology is the means – not the end. Here’s what we are seeing from our clients at Association Acumen: Continue reading →


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