Association Acumen “The Game”

 Photo of "The Game" cards. Association Acumen, LLC has created an exciting new learning tool, “The Game,” designed for association management professionals. “The Game” can serve as an introduction or refresher course for association management best practices and key concepts and can also be used in preparation for professional certification exams. Using a flash card format, “The Game” contains a comprehensive set of 220 questions and answers, divided into nine subject areas such as leadership, public policy and communications. The cards can be used alone as a study aid or played as a game with two or more players.The person to the left of the dealer picks a card and has the option of answering one of the questions on the card. If the player can’t answer the question, the player keeps the card. If the player can answer the question, the card is placed on the discard pile. The person who winds up with the least cards in his/her hand after having gone through the entire deck wins the game.Whether you’re an experienced professional or new to the field, “The Game” will provide you with a challenging learning experience as well as hours of fun.According to Association Acumen’s President, Gail Bast, “the cards present the information in a thorough but entertaining manner. Playing the game in a team setting encourages competition and enhances the learning experience. This is a great way of testing your knowledge of association management best practices.”The cards can be used for team-building within a company’s staff, given as gifts or offered to new employees. They can also be used for study groups. The goal of “The Game” is to benefit career advancement, boost learning development and build association acumen!Be among the first to own and enjoy “The Game!”

$49.99 per set plus $5 postage and handling.  

To order, please contact Sandy Koehler at 414-359-1676 x1114. Special pricing is available for orders exceeding 10 decks of cards.


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