Onboarding New Clients is a Challenging, Rewarding Experience

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Clients in HiRiseYou have delivered a great pitch, won over the board of directors, and your association management firm is awarded with the challenge of reinvigorating an association.  Now comes the hard part: Transitioning all aspects of your new client into your association management firm while delivering top-notch service to association members.

Needless to say, onboarding a new client is both a challenging and rewarding experience for association management companies. To ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible, it is vitally important to put together a dynamic transition team, assemble a comprehensive transition plan, and hold regular team meetings to ensure tasks are completed in an efficient manner.

The Team

It’s important to put together a multi-talented team to tackle the wide-ranging tasks that are part of any client transition – from establishing new bank accounts to creating new email accounts. Below is a general list of staff members who should be a part of any onboarding team:

  • Executive Director
  • Consulting Director
  • Director of Finance and Administration
  • Membership Coordinator/Manager
  • Association Compliance Consultant
  • IT Consultant

The Plan

Onboarding a client requires diverse team members to work in concert with one another. Therefore, it is critical for the team leader, typically the executive director, to work in collaboration with the team to develop a comprehensive transition plan that details who will do what by when. It is impossible to stay on course without a good road map!

The Follow-Up

Now that the team and plan is in place, it is time to execute. It is important to have regular transition team meetings to ensure all aspects of the transition are proceeding in an effective, timely manner. Team meetings should be held on a weekly basis over the first few weeks until major tasks are conquered and the list of action items dwindles to a manageable level.

While the idea of client transitions can appear daunting, a well-rounded transition team and a solid, detailed transition plan can turn a seemingly overwhelming task into a fun and rewarding experience.

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